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Fully-Automatic Lines for Modern Wire Production

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Fully-Automatic Lines for Modern Wire Production

The development of fully automatic wire machinery has been a major focus for Lämneå Bruk AB in recent years. Our mission is it to be flexible by providing customized machine solutions. According to our President Jonas Hagstedt, there is probably not a single Lämneå Bruk machine that is like the other, all concepts are individually designed according to the customers’ specific requirements.

The Fully Automatic Rewinding Line is a versatile machine for the respooling of flat and round wire, with both vertical and horizontal payoff. This line enables maximum up time due to multiple pay offs. To increase user-friendliness and convenience, the spool handling is prepared for AGV trucks. The Fully Automatic Rewinding Line is suitable for different spool types up to 1000 kg.

One of Lämneå Bruk’s bestsellers, the Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder combines speed, precise wire laying to a 100th of a millimetre, highest user-friendliness, and outstanding safety standards. The spools are changed fully automatic with servo-drive motor operated toolings for continuous production at top speeds of 35m per seconds. For a smooth and efficient process, the fastening of the finishing end is also made by servomotors. The servo – motor brand is customizable, so customers can choose between Siemens, Lenze and Allen Bradley.

To add to the flexibility, the superior spool supply magazine can handle different types of spools such as wire baskets, plastic, and fibre spools without any adjustment. In response to customer demand, the Fully Automatic Precision Layer winder is now available for 30kg, 15kg as well as smaller 5kg and 1kg spools.

As a company we continuously strive for innovation and easing the production processes for our customers, so we have developed a packaging robot as optional equipment for the Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder. The robot checks the total weight of the finished spools that the machine has spooled thoroughly. Should there be any discrepancies, the robot will put the spool aside to get double checked by the staff and continues with the next spool for an uninterrupted process. If everything is in accordance to the high-quality standards, the finished spools can be moved onto pallets for labelling and final packaging.

Please refer to our product page for more information about our machines.

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