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Ground-breaking No Twist Coiler….

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Ground-breaking No Twist Coiler….

….will lead the way to the future of wire drawing!

One of Lämneå Bruk’s newest innovation is the No Twist Coiler (NTC) 1200, a state-of-the-art machinery for wire coiling and more. What is special about this machine is that the NTC 1200 can be used off-line and in-line with the drawing machine for a streamlined and space-saving production line. The inverted carrier is used as pay-off in the next production step and placed directly on the floor. This results in an undriven pay-off for twist-free and straight wire without the need for rotation.

After launching the NTC 1200 last year, the first machines have been delivered and we have received amazing feedback from our customers. The NTC 1200 has been successfully used as both take-up and pay-off. The customers were particularly convinced and pleased with using the NTC package as a pay- off. However, the biggest benefit reported was twist- free, straight wire without any wire breakage during the process (the customer has used 2.0mm welding wire) and the continuous running on both take-up and pay-off.

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