• for multiline wire

Candojet HW is a compact, highly efficient hot water (90o °C) cleaning unit for single wire applications at high speeds. It removes lubricants from the wire surface without using any aggressive chemicals. It works very well with different wire diameter and wire materials.

The plant is completely built of stainless steel and the tanks are well insulated to save energy.

There are two versions available; Candojet HW2 and HW211. CJ HW2 is equipped with one pump feeding two Candojet-cells. The CJ HW 211 is divided into three sections; precleaning with one pump feeding two cleaning cells and two rinsing sections with each one
pump feeding one cleaning cell. The cleaning liquid is pumped to the cells with a high flow rate and relatively high pressure. In each storage tank electrical immersion heaters, a thermostat and a level guard are installed.

After each treatment step the wire is wiped off with compressed air. After treatment the liquid flows back to the tank. Fresh water is fed to the last tank and the water is used in counter flow, to save water and energy. The lubricant residue from the wire creates a
foam or sludge that can easily be removed from the tank. As an option an automatic skimmer can be installed to continuously remove the foam from the tank.

Candojet HW is normally placed in line with other production equipment, for example in-line
with a drawing machine, between the last block and the spooler or as pre-cleaning prior to
plating operation.


Technical data

CJ HW 2 CJ HW 211
Wire dimension Ø0.2 – 6.0 mm Ø0.2 – 6.0 mm
Speed up to 25 m/s up to 25 m/s
Working temperature < 90°C
Water consumption 50 – 100 l/h 50 – 100 l/h
Compressed air < 6 bar < 6 bar
Lenght 1190 mm 2010 mm
Width 1540 mm 1540 mm
Height 1250 mm 1250 mm