The Lamnea “bull block line” wire drawing machine is a non slip, non accumulating continuous wire drawing machine which has become one of the standard of the industry for the production of large wire diameters. It is equipped with a modern PLC based control system which gives a total overview of the process.

The Lamnea Bull Block is one of the basic work horses in the wire drawing industry and is used particularly for the production of the larger wire sizes, or for small batch quantities.

Lamnea Bull blocks are available in a range of wire capacities to suit almost all grades and alloys of ferrous wire.

The wire is routed from the upper part of each block via the control arm and then through the next die, in a straight line, and onto the lower part of the following block. This path results in the wire being bent in one plain only make the design compatible with the drawing of large diameter carbon steel wires which are difficult to thread and alloy steels which harden rapidly with cold working.

It is a heavy duty machine equipped with a strong gearbox and transmission. It can be equipped with either a single draft or a double draft made on a single spindle. To make a double draft the machine is equipped with a double flange block, and the second reduction is taken on the upper flange on the block.

The machine is driven by a frequency controlled AC motor with power according to the application.

The unit can be complemented with stripper device to unload wire, cold rolling cassette, take up coiler etc.


Technical data

Block diameter 600, 800 and 900 mm
Block coating Tungsten carbide
Motor power 30 – 132 kW AC
Speed control Control arms or straight line
Inlet wire diameter Up to 16 mm
Wire quality LC – HC
Reduction Single or double draft
Options Soap stirrer, Rotating die holder, Dust extraction, etc.


  • Double flange block
  • Stripper block
  • Riding stripper and non riding stripper