The “loopline” wire drawing machine is a non slip, non accumulating continuous wire drawing machine which has become one of the standard of the industry for the production of medium to fine diameter carbon, stainless and alloy steel wire. It is equipped with a modern PLC based control system which gives a total overview of the process. The drawing machine is very flexible allowing start from any block, bypass any block/blocks, any number and finish on any block you want.

Lämneå development in the fields of control and maintenance have resulted in a design of unparalleled ease of operation and reliability. Our extensive expertise in the aspects of wire drawing industry gives us ability to provide high performance turn-key production facilities anywhere in the world.

It will be evident that the wire is routed from the upper part of each block, around the inner dancer pulley, over the outer transfer pulley and thence through the next die, in a straight line, and onto the lower part of the following block. This path results in the wire being bent in one plain only and, with the use of large diameters transfer pulleys, makes the design compatible with the drawing of medium to fine diameter carbon wire, which are difficult to thread and alloy steels which harden rapidly with cold working.

The blocks will be vertically mounted. The typically number of laps per block will be 10.


Technical data

Number of blocks 2 -14
Block diameter 350, 420, 500, 600, 800 and 900 mm
Block coating Tungsten carbide
Motor power 5.5 – 30 kW AC
Speed control Loop line
Inlet wire diameter 5.5 – 15 mm
Wire quality LC – HC
Speed up to 30 m/s


  • Soap stirrer
  • Rotating die holder
  • Dust extraction