The wet draw machine is a non-slip, straight line wire drawing machine which will become the standard of the industry for the production of carbon and alloy steel wire. Lamnea development in the fields of control and maintenance has resulted in a design of unparalleled ease of operation and reliability.

It will be evident that the wire is entering the machine through the inlet by guide wheels, through the first die and will exit the drawing compartment through the final die, fully adjustable.

Dies can be fully submerged. The die-holders are machined from solid steel. We will spray the wet-lube directly into the die and onto the block. By doing this we do not have to wait for the tank to fill before we can start the line.

The exit die is fully adjustable in all directions for easy setting of cast and helix.

The blocks are tilted towards each other to make up for the wire height each block.

The machine can be connected to a central lubrication system. The fill and drain of the drawing compartment is quick and ergonomic ensuring a simple and mud-free die replacement.

The control of the speed between each block is of type speed/torque control, straight line.