The machine is designed for butt tube forming for flux core wire production.

At the entrance of the machine there will be a number of guiding wheels for the strip before it enters the forming rolls. There will be capacity for 3 forming passes and 4 closing passes. There will also be 2 set side rolls in the forming area and 3 sets of side rolls in the closing area.

The unit will be equipped with a motor which by timing belts and pulleys drives the lower and upper rolls on each station.

The flux will be feed with the help of a specially designed flux feeding belt. The belt feeder is driven by an electrical servo motor via a cog belt transmission, with adjustment features that allow easy set up.


Technical data

Line speed up to 120 m/min up to 120 m/min
Typical strip size 16×0.4 mm 16×0.4 mm
Number of forming rolls 3 off 3 off
Number of closing rolls 4 off 4 off
Number of side roll stands 5 off 5 off
Type Driven Pull through