Copperjet is a high speed copper coating plant for high quality CO2 welding wire. The plant is normally placed in line with a dry drawing machine, followed by a skin pass.

It is mainly built of Polypropylene plastic and is placed within a stainless steel frame with adjustable feet. The wire is fed straight through the cleaning and coating plant.

No pulleys are used in the plant!

The plant comprises of following sections:

  • Precleaning section, CANDOJET HW2 cleaning unit
  • Pickling and activation, bipolar electrolytic high current unit
  • Two step cascade water rinse
  • Copper coating section, high speed coating unit
  • Four step cascade water rinse

Between each treatment section there is a high-pressure airwipe. The cleaning acid, copper
solution and rinse water are pumped from the storage tanks up to the treatment sections.
Electrical immersion heaters and automatic level controls are installed in the storage tanks.

Technical data

Wire dimension Ø0.8 – 2.5 mm
Speed up to 20 m/s
Fresh water consumption approx. 60 l/h
Length 8700 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 2700 mm
Heaters 30 kW
Pumps 6.5 kW
Ventilator 0.75 kW
Side channel blower 2.2 kW
Rectifier 4.0 kVA, 12 V/200 A
Compressed air > 6 bar