Lämneå No Twist Coiler for quality wire coiling

  1. Minimum footprint
  2. Payoff with end of spool detection.
  3. High speed straighteners
  4. Big capstan wheel
  5. Capstan belt tension control
  6. Special flyer design for high speed quality coiling
  7. Electrical shaft between capstan and flyer
  8. The wire is pre-twisted to achieve a twist-free uncoiling from a stationary package
  9. Will take drums of different shape and size.
  10. Rotating and vibrating  table for quality pattern laying
  11. Exact control of lifting bridge.
  12. Pusher for unloading
  13. Heavy duty built
  14. PLC controlled line operation with eye level display and operator controls


Technical data

Wire quality Solid & Fluxcore wire and Spring wire
Speed up to 40 m/s
Block diameter 900 mm
Wire diameter 0.6 – 4.0 mm
Drum weight up to 1000 kg
Max drum diameter 1000 mm
Max drum height 1000 mm