The Lämneå Pointing machine range includes four different sizes as standard, see technical data. The 3 smaller LPM roll-pointing machines are built on a welded frame. The frame is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. The rollers are mounted on a tiltable table, which make it possible to tilt the table to any desired angle which has proved to be very much appreciated by the operators. In addition the pointer gives a very smooth and clean pointed wire.

The Lämneå Pointing machine LPM 15-4 is a heavy duty pointer for high demand regarding roundness and surface at the pointed wire. Pointing rolls are tilting 123 degrees during the pointing process so operator doesn’t need to turn wire by hand. This gives a round and smooth wire.

The machine can take wire from high to low carbon. The built in fork lift also makes it easy to move.

As a standard the machine is equipped with adjustable pointing speed by frequency converter.



Technical data

LPM 3.5-0.6 LPM 5.35-0.8 LPM 8-1 LPM 15-4
Max input diameter 3.5 mm 5.35 mm 8.0 mm 15.0 mm
Min output diameter 0.6 mm 0.8 mm 1.0 mm 4.0 mm
Roll speed 16 rpm 16 rpm 16 rpm 16 rpm
No. of pointing stages 16 16 16 16
Area reduction 16%/stage 16%/stage 16%/stage 16%/stage
Roll dimension 68×120 mm 68×120 mm 68×120 mm 120×350 mm
Option Capstan Capstan Capstan