Effective delivery of wire to the process equipment is essential if maximum plant efficiency is to be maintained. Payoff equipment supplied by Lämneå is developed and manufactured to meet individual customer requirements but is based on proven Lämneå designs to allow for high speed operation.

This unit comprises two tilting coil holders and an overhead steel column with an integrated rod snarl protection system.

The coil holders are hydraulically operated and lower to the horizontal position for coil loading. The coil holders then pivot through 90º to a vertical position for payoff.

The vertical steel column within which is mounted a top pulley carriage and a bottom pulley carriage that is free to move vertically. The top carriage is moved down to its low position for threading up at floor level. For run position the carriage is moved and locked at the top. The bottom carriage is held in its lowest position by weights. In the event of a snarl the carriage is pulled upwards by the increase in wire tension and a limit sensor is activated thereby stopping the line.


Technical data

Rod diameter 5.5 to 12 mm
Max coil weight 2 x 2500 kg
Over all height 6 m or  7 m
Wire magazine 9 m



  • Tilting platforms
  • Rotating coil
  • Cone