This machine is made to pull the wire thru a multi wire treatment line width a focus on precision in speed and wire handling.

Forward capstan

The machine has a separate driven capstan that pulls the wire trough the treatment unit with very good speed control.

Dancer arm / Torque control

Depending of wire diameter the machine run with dancer or torque mode. Between the capstan and the spool shaft a dancer arm system is located to control the speed of the spool shaft and maintain the tension of the wire between the capstan and the spool shaft. The dancer tension will be set by the operator interface.

Traversing spool

The spool is placed on a horizontal shaft, The spool shaft travels in and out with the spool working as a traversing unit. The spool shaft is separately driven.

Since it is the spool that is moving the wire goes straight onto the spool, this means that the wire not will be bent or damaged during the spooling process.


Technical data

Number of take ups 1 – 36
Spool diameter up to 800 mm
Spool width up to 400 mm
Wire weight up to 800 kg
Wire diameter Ø1.0 – Ø5.0 mm
Material All
Speed 0 – 50 m/min