• DSM 2/30

  • DSM 2/30

  • DSM 2/30

An advanced “Sandpaper Descaling Machine” recently invented by Lämnea Bruk.

We have completed our high-quality product range for mechanical descaling with this technically improved machine. Our new product is best suitable for cleaning low and high carbon as well as stainless steel wires.

Our machine provides great innovative advantages: it is equipped with two sanding belts as well as with a counter bearing. These improved features leading to much lower flyer speeds and a perfect support for the bearings. There is no wire guiding bar required and the wire is self-levelling.

Additionally, the Sandpaper Descaling Machine comes with fan cooled standard AC motors and a round housing design avoiding dust deposits and providing a clean grinding zone.

Sandpapers of any grade may be used and in combination with our wet coating unit, it provides a perfect combination for preparation of wire surfaces; best suitable for drawing with up to 16 drafts at a drawing speed up to 50 m/s.

In summary, the improved features of our Sandpaper Descaling Machine result in much less wear and tear of the major machine components, such as bearings, rubber coated rollers etc. for an extended life-span of your equipment.



1)    Minimum footprint

2)    Two sanding belts for optimal cleaning results

3)    Self-levelling wire running position


Technical data

Speed up to 4 m/s
No. of belts 2
Wire diameter Ø4 – 20 mm