In all modern wire drawing plants the most essential requirement is to aim not only for the highest drawing speeds for a given quality but also for the longest possible uninterrupted production runs on each size to be manufactured.

Long production runs between finished packages reduce operator fatigue and provide the ideal basis for maximum efficiency and economy not only on the drawing machines themselves, but also in subsequent inter-plant processing operations and finishing operations and material handling and storage.

The end user of the wire, manufacturing ultimate end products also benefits extensively from large feed packages in his production runs and usually demands such heavy packages from his wire suppliers.

For most inter-plant processing operations maximum economy is normally acheived by producing the heavy package in coil form and for many wire users a heavy wire feed coil is also very popular. This is primarily due to the fact that a heavy coil can be effectively paid off into the processing or finishing machines by overhead means leaving the coil itself stationary and permitting butt welding of subsequent coils to acheive a truly continuous feed.

The heavy coil in itself, however, only provides part of the answer. For many applications further
essential requirements are:

  • Dead cast wire coils.
  • Continuity of production during coil unloading.
  • Heavy coils or small catchweight coils.
  • Heavy pattern laid coils for high speed pay-off providing stability during subsequent transportation.
  • Heavy compacted coils for small wire sizes.

Lämneå Bruk Statablocs are specifically designed to meet all these requirements and every conceivable finished coil requirement.

All units have a water cooled die and block and in addition air cooling and casting facilities to assure production of Ferrous wire to meet the highest required specifications.

Since a Statabloc unit performs the combined functions of both the finished drawing pass as well as the required facilities, floor space can usually be saved by its use on new installations in comparison with non-drawing coilers. When added to existing installations the floor space requirement would be similar to non-drawing coilers but the use of the Statabloc with die can often result in a production increase of 20% or more, which helps to offset its additional cost.

Lämneå Bruk Statablocs are available in both horizontal and vertical pattern. The former design has its block on a horizontal axis and is normally used in high speed applications while the latter has its block on a vertical axis and is normally used in lower speed applications.


Technical data

Block size 650 mm 600 mm 550 mm 450 mm 300 mm
Coil weights max 1100 kg 1000 kg 950 kg 400 kg
Pattern laid coil 1350 1200 1000 425
Compacted coil 1300 550 245
Maximum wire size Ø4.5 mm Ø4.0 mm Ø4.0 mm Ø2.6 mm Ø2.0 mm
Minimum wire size Ø1.63 mm Ø1.42 mm Ø1.20 mm Ø1.0 mm Ø0.4 mm
Speed up to 25 m/s (5000 fpm) up to 25 m/s (5000 fpm) up to 25 m/s (5000 fpm) up to 25 m/s (5000 fpm) up to 25 m/s (5000 fpm)


Type of coil collection: Random free fall (conventional). Inclined turntable pattern lay. Pattern lay with coil lowering and ejection. Combined pattern lay/compacting system. Compacting system. Double position catchweight.