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Rotating Die Holders for an extended die lifetime

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Rotating Die Holders for an extended die lifetime

Lämneå Bruk understands the importance of uninterrupted production and the maintenance of the equipment and machinery. For that reason, we offer a Rotating Die Holder, suitable for any wire type. It can be delivered to any wire manufacturer or purchased as add-on with our drawing machines.

How does the Rotating Die Holder work in the drawing machine?
The die box is equipped with a compartment for the dry or wet soap drawing lubrication and a rotating cooling body for the die. The soapbox can be customized, in either square or round shape, depending on each customers’ requirements. However, Lämneå Bruk does recommend the round shape as it allows the wire to be covered in more soap.

The cooling body is made for customer-specific die sizes and can be manufactured with indirect or direct cooling. The die box is mounted on a cast and helix adjustment plate and can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical plain for finetuning of the cast and helix. A special vibration damper minimizes wire vibrations between the die and the block.

So why is a Rotating Die Holder a valuable addition?
With a rotating die holder, the lifetime of the die is extended, the wire is rounder, and with more lubricant on the wire, the quality of the finished product improves significantly. Depending on the customers’ individual requirements, rotating die holders are available in different designs from two up to 14 tons pulling force.

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