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The Team

Meet our dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Lämneå Bruk sales team.

Jonas Hagstedt

Owner & Director

Direct: +46 122-232 03

Specializes in:
General design, high carbon wire, low carbon wire, welding wire, stainless steel wire

As the 9th generation of his family working in the wire industry, Jonas has a long experience of working with wire. His knowledge and fire for wire is easy to see in the way he runs Lämneå Bruk. Since he was 18 years old he has been the President of Lämneå Bruk. In 1989 Jonas and his brother took over the company from their father and since 2007 he has been the sole owner of the company.

What customer service means to Jonas: “For me customer service is to listen and understand the needs and requirements of the customer. I have a strong passion to find the smartest and most profitable solution to satisfy my customers’ needs.”

Magnus Hellqvist

Sales Engineer

Direct: +46 122 23 257

Specializes in: High and low carbon wire

Magnus has been with Lämneå Bruk for more than two decades and has been involved in several departments. In 1995, he started his career as an electrical fitter and took over responsibility for the electrical design, electrical fitting and programming departments in the year 2000. Magnus describes himself as a technical salesperson since he has a lot of hands-on experience, such as installing and starting-up machines. Apart from that he has thorough knowledge of upgrading outdated and older control systems in the machines. Safety is of high priority for Magnus. He is a member of the safety group which evaluate the safety of each machine, developing ways to avoid potentially dangerous situations and decides on corrective actions in the rare case of a safety issue.

What customer service means to Magnus: “To me customer service is to be respectful, committed and reliable. To ensure a successful progress of every project, I strongly believe in the combination of our knowledge and experience here at Lämneå Bruk and involving and collaborating with the customer for best possible results.”

Stefan Petersson

Sales Engineer

Direct: +46 122-232 20

Specializes in:
Welding wire, high carbon wire

Since January 1998 Stefan has been a vital part of the Lämneå Bruk team. With a background as a mechanical engineer he has been working from the very start to improve the machines to benefit our customers even more. As a sales man, Stefan is very focused and has a great understanding for production in general. One of his greatest strengths is his knowledge of the wire feed in the production.

What customer service means to Stefan: “For me customer service is to always focus on the customer during a product delivery. I feel that the most important part is that in the end this part is more than satisfactory to the customer. If I later on discover something that can be done to improve the production for the customer, I always try to get it done in order to make their experience better.”

Jonathan Tammelin Nilsson

Sales Engineer

Direct: +46 122 23 231

Specializes in: High and low carbon wire

Jonathan started his career at Lämneå Bruk as a machine designer and a member of the mechanical engineering team. There he has been a part of the continuous improvement of existing machines and the development of new machines. On the one hand, as a mechanical engineer, Jonathan has in-depth knowledge of the wire drawing process and suitable machine types in regard to various different types of wire drawing processes. On the other hand, as a sales engineer, Jonathan is able to develop optimal solutions hand in hand with each individual customer to find the best way to proceed and create long-term business relationships.

What customer service means to Jonathan: “Communication is key to ensure good customer service. I like to work together with my customers with transparent and clear communication to ensure both parties are satisfied with the product and its specifications. Once the product has been delivered it’s important that the exchange continues in order to make possible adjustments to the machine if needed and to improve and develop our future products.”

» Our aim is to maximize the benefits and profitability for our customers. That’s the way we do business. «

Managing Director