Lamnea Bruk AB specializes in the design and manufacture of machines for the wire industry. We have a wide range of high quality machines with the latest designs and technology and this year at the Wire show in Dusseldorf we will launch our new No Twist Coiler for spring wire with a speed of up to 40 m/s.

The No Twist Coiler will be equipped with straightening units to make the wire completely straight and twist free prior to the coiling. When coiling the machine will put a pre-twist in the wire, one per loop wire. When un-coiling from the drum, the twist will be reversed and the wire will come out twist free and straight.

As the wire is uncoiled twist free and straight there is no need for a driven payoff unit or straightening units by the spring coiling line, which means a much more compact line. Additionally we will also get a constant back tension which has proved beneficial in the way that the springs are of consistent and even quality and the wire consumption per spring less.

The No Twist Coiler machine is also possible to run in line with a drawing machine.

During the show we will show the machine running four times each day, the time table for the showing times will be:

  09:45 10:45 13:45 15:45
Monday 7 April X X X X
Tuesday 8 April X X X X
Wednesday 9 April X X X X
Thursday 10 April X X X X
Friday 11 April X X X 14:45


For the ferrous and stainless steel wire industry we are a reliable supplier of pay-offs, mechanical de-scaling equipment , drawing machines and take-up units. Our journey in the wire drawing industry started more than 100 years ago which has given us a tremendous amount of experience which we incorporate in the design of our machines and equipment.

For the solid welding wire industry we supply complete lines including pay offs, cleaning equipment, drawing machines, copper coating and take ups. For tubular wire or Flux core wire we supply strip rewind lines, strip pay offs, forming – filling – closing machines, drawing machines and take-ups. We also supply high speed rewinding lines including precision layer winders and drum packer (No Twist Coiler) for both solid and tubular wire.

For the low/high carbon and stainless steel wire industry we are supplying rotating and/or over head pay off systems, mechanical cleaning units (for carbon wire), drawing machines and take ups. The take up systems range from down coilers with controlled filling systems to automatic spoolers.

Lamnea Bruk also makes pay offs and take up systems for heat and surface treatment of high and low carbon wires as well as stainless steel wires. We supply take up coilers with live block or dead block depending on the requirements of the process.

Come visit us at Wire Dusseldorf, Hall 9, stand A06!

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